We are deeply sad to announce that prof. Michael Gorbonos the president and founder of the IFUNA organisation passed away on 4th April 2021. He was not only the president of this organisation but actually HE WAS IFUNA. In 2006 he started this work with the mission of collecting all the pioneers of functional orthodontic and other therapeutic approaches and managed to organise the first meeting in Paris. Following this event despite the lack of financial funds, Michael managed to organise 12 international conferences to this time. He was not only able to collect leaders and inventors from many different countries but he could also manage making collaborations with different national orthodontic societies.

He started IFUNA when actually functional approach was not popular at all. He deserves a great honor and acknowledgement that he helped a lot in disseminating the word of Functionalism all over the World. Due to his fantastic work many young orthodontists, dentists, orofacial myofunctional therapists, breathing educators and other professionals started to practice functional approaches and collaborative work.
We miss his smiling face and amazing kind personality. He was a mentor for many of us.
RIP Michael

IFUNA is a worldwide community of healthcare practitioners who believe that in order to restore craniofacial functional balance, we need to work together as a team.

IFUNA is an international association that connects all of the different specialties that comprise an interdisciplinary craniofacial team.

IFUNA is the leader in establishing new standards in the diagnostics, documentation, and communication of CRANIOFACIAL FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.

The idea that malocclusion is an isolated, genetically determined structural malformation has proven to be false. Over the last 100 years, orthodontic medicine has been unable to provide an answer for the standardization in diagnosis and treatment planning for this issue. In addition, so far we have also been unable to give answers about the stability and side effects of treatment.

Epigenetics, sleep medicine, orofacial myofunctional therapy research, and healthcare statistics all suggest that malocclusion is part of a much bigger picture. The actual status of the teeth and jaws are a reflection of the overall functional imbalance of the patient.

Therefore, if we want to treat our patients with the least amount of side effect —thereby achieving not only a nice smile but also all of the associated health benefits—we have to understand and follow biological principles. We should address not only dental problems but all of the other associated factors, like breathing, sleep, oral posture, as well as head, neck, and body posture. Consequently, we have to form an interdisciplinary team to address malocclusion. This is a major revelation that has been celebrated by many healthcare practitioners all over the world, but this teamwork is not as easy as we might think . There is a great need for new definitions, standardizations, and appropriate communication across all members of the functional medicine team.

IFUNA is proud to be the catalyzer of this movement

Join IFUNA today and be part of this movement. There are no limits or quotas on the specialties that we accept. We welcome every practitioner who wants to be part of a functional medical team and aligns with the mission of IFUNA. To become an IFUNA member, please register to attend IFUNA conferences and certified IFUNA courses to learn how to become a “functionalist.”

Mission Statement

International Functional Association (IFUNA) is an international non-profit organization that disseminates the concept of craniofacial functional medicine. This concept is based on the revelation that all chronic diseases have multifactorial origins, which means that the only ethical and causal medical approach is team treatment. 

We believe that this approach is in the patient’s best interest; instead of uni-disciplinary symptomatic treatment delivered by a specialist of a single medical field, the appropriate treatment is delivered through interdisciplinary teamwork. Dentists, orthodontists, ENT specialists, orofacial myologists, and speech therapists have discovered the need for collaboration. Over time, we have all realized that the interconnectedness of problems in the craniofacial field goes even further; local problems are just local manifestations of a global health imbalance. IFUNA’s mission is to help specialists connect with collaborator colleagues and find solutions for their shared challenges, including finding best practices for communication, patient motivation, legal issues, and educational challenges.

We are dedicated to introducing standards in diagnosis, documentation, and team communication. We also want to bring the latest scientific and technological developments to our members. IFUNA will gather specialties into groups in order to integrate team treatment into functional medicine. We build bridges between specialties, and we are also open to collaborating with other associations that have the same mission. Alongside our international activity, we also support local study groups and encourage them to establish national IFUNA chapters that can promote standardization and education in their region.

We are also dedicated to promote prevention and early functional intervention. IFUNA supports all interventions that establish the functional balance in the craniofacial field.

IFUNA is open to any specialty without limitation. We are convinced that the future of medicine is functional, holistic, and integrative. We need every specialty that can help improve functional patient care.

IFUNA membership is free of charge. IFUNA organizes annual conferences and publishes newsletters. IFUNA will also run official courses that are intended to introduce the fundamentals of craniofacial functional teamwork and different functional techniques. Join and become a member today.